Use Natural Lubricants for a More Interesting Sex Life!

When it comes to sex, many of us would use lubricants to make things easier and more comfortable. Many people are allergic to drugstore and pharmacy brand lubricants so they apt to use natural lubricates when having sex. They’re easy to find and cost less than the ones you get at the store.

Natural Lubricants
Below are a few natural based lubricants that you can purchase and try out.

Natural oils

Natural has being used in the cosmetics industry as lubricants and moisturize. Most of these oils don’t clog our pores and helps keep your skin soft and hydrated. Many lubricants contain natural oil since it’s easy to mix with other essence. These can also be used as massage oil so you can use it just to help your partner relax. Common natural oils uses in lubricant mixes are olive, rose and coconut oil. Natural oils also have a fragrant scent to them and can be used for aromatherapy.

Firefly Organics

One of the most common organic lubricant brands, firefly organics was voted as the best organic lubricate by playboy magazine. This contains a mixture of coco and shea butter and helps to reduce dryness and conditions your sensitive areas. Another thing that makes this brand great is its sweet smell and it doesn’t get sticky. It’s compatible with polyurethane and organic condoms, but not with regular latex so be careful when picking out which condom to buy.

Yes Pure Intimacy

This brand offers lubricants that are both oil and water based. Their oil based lubricant is made from a mixture of natural oils and comes in a recyclable package. Like all oil based lubricants, it’s not compatible with latex condoms. Organic condoms work better with is brand and offers more sensation since its thinner and move more naturally compared to other types of condoms.

Sensual Organics

With a wide array of flavors and scents, this brand brings out the adventurer in you. Many of this brand’s users say that they offer the best lubricants if you’re into sweet smelling mixes. It also contains grapefruit seed extracts which is an all-natural antibacterial that helps keep your sensitive parts fresh and irritation free.

Pink Water

This water based lubricant contains aloe vera and gets its color from natural pigments and it’s paraben-free, unlike most water based lubricants. It’s stored in a pump dispenser and a little drop of this can go a long way.

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