Warning: The Dangers of Wearing a Condom

Though health facilities and professionals would tell you to use a condom every time you have sex, there are dangers in wearing rubber. This article is not to discourage you from using one, in fact, it’s more of a short, informative read on what you should watch out for when using a condom. It might just save your life from a life threatening infection or allergic reaction.

Dangers of Wearing a Condom
Latex allergies

A lot of people are actually allergic to latex, which is the most common material use to create condoms. Latex allergies would depend on how sensitive the person is. Some would have a small rash while others out need immediate medical attention. If you think that you’re allergic to latex but aren’t sure, you can always have a small skin test or patch test. Take a latex condom, cut a small patch out of it and place it on the back of your hand and leave it there for a few minutes to see if it reacts. You can also ask a nurse or any medical professional to help you with the test.

Not all condoms protect from STDs

Aside from being a contraceptive, condoms also help protect you from getting a sexually transmitted infection. However, there are some condoms that can’t block the bacteria and viruses, like organic condoms. These have small pores on the surface since they are made from lamb or sheep intestine. Before you buy, make sure you know the limits of the condom.

Watch the expiry date

Most people don’t realize this, but condoms actually have expiry dates on them. Although condoms can last you a few good years if you don’t open them from the packet, you should get a new pack every 6 months if your carry one around all the time. Expired condoms can break or have small holes in them, causing pregnancies and infections.


Make sure you choose the right sized condom to avoid any accidents. Condoms that are too tight can cause them to pop because of the pressure while condoms that are too big makes sex feel uncomfortable. You can simply just choose what size condom you’ll be getting by checking the packet. There should be a small indication there on what size it is. Some brands might be bigger than other, especially the ones that stretch a lot or are organic condoms, so just choose which ones you’re more comfortable with.

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