Going Beyond Routine: Interesting Things To Do about Going Green

There are things that we do by routine and yet we never stop thinking about it twice. When we use water, do we at least stop and think how to save water? When we get rid of trash and throw away paper, have we not at least figured on how we can recycle paper? What about the use of electricity and energy? Have we continued to enjoy the perks and not even reflected on how we can save energy and at least be energy efficient?

gogreenHere are some interesting facts basing on our day-to-day routine that we can still do to go green:

Conserve Water – We often use water as if the well does not run dry, but it will, eventually if we do not conserve it. Just by closing or switching a dripping faucet can save a household of around 2,700 gallons of water per year.  Can you imagine how much water we can save simply by stopping a dripping faucet or perhaps immediately replacing a broken or leaking water pipe?

Recycle Paper and Plastic – Do you know that every effort to recycling paper can save on so much gas to generate power in the production of new paper every year? Every one ton of mixed recycling paper that is recycled saves at most 185 gallons of gas. Most new paper products consist of recycled paper. To be specific, it comprises 36 percent of the new paper products being manufactured.

Save Energy – If only everyone in America will replace even one 60-watt light bulb with a LED bulb (light-emitting diodes), there is so much power and energy saved as a whole. In fact, the largest power plants in the US could literally be closed if each and every household cooperates and makes this responsible act of going green.
Re-use/Recycle Toner Cartridges – Reduce landfill space by recycling just one ink and toner cartridge. This means you can save two and a half pounds of metal and plastic, a good enough number to lessen mounting landfill waste.

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