Why Use Natural Condoms

Most of us think that the condom is a 21st century invention, but people have been using condoms for centuries. There have been records of condoms being seen in cave paintings, but it’s unsure what our ancestors used them for. Today condoms are mainly used for two things, protection against STDs and unplanned pregnancies.

Condoms come in different shapes, sizes, textures, colors and even flavors. But one on the biggest factor when people choose condoms would be the material. Common condoms are made from latex, but there are some specialty condoms, such as natural condoms, which are made from sheets taken from sheep or lamb intestine. Natural or organic condoms are said to give the most natural experience, as if you’re not using a condom at all.

Why Use Natural Condoms
Below are a few reasons why you should use organic condoms.

Latex allergies

Many people don’t even know that they are allergic to latex. Latex allergies usually have mild effects, like a slight skin irritation or a mild rash, but in some cases, people with severe allergies would actually need immediate medical attention. Since this type of allergy is difficult to spot and diagnosed, some people would prefer to just avoid it. They use ether plastic or Polyurethane condoms or natural condoms. These offer more or less the same protection as latex condoms, but without the allergies.

Natural feel

One of the biggest reasons why men don’t like to use condoms is that they don’t feel anything during intercourse. This really depends on what type of condom is being used. Since natural condoms mimic human skin, it feels very natural. In fact, some users would say that it’s like not wearing one at all. The down side with natural condoms is that they do have pores, like natural skin does. These pores are big enough for some bacteria and viruses to get in, which means that these condoms can’t really protect you from certain STDs, but it is good enough to protect you from an unplanned pregnancy.

It’s special

Natural condoms are great for special nights or if you just want to liven up your sex life. Playing around with condoms and lubricants is a great way to spice things up with your partner. Not only does it give you a more natural sensation, natural condoms can be used with scented and aromatherapy oil. It can make things more exciting for you and your partner.

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