The Champions of Eco-Friendly Fashion – Emma Watson

As a celebrity, there’s more to wizards and wizardry to Emma Watson, whose negative views towards fast fashion and overconsumption have deemed her as one of the top champions of the eco-friendly fashion scene.

Far from simply advocating what eco-friendly norms and fair trade terms stand to represent, the young actress has actually taken a proactive stance in proffering her eco-friendly fashion views, partnering with Italian designer Alberta Ferretti in creating the Pure Threads eco-fashion label some two years back.

pure threads

As a brand, Pure Threads’ products are all made with organic materials, sourced without any traces of synthetic fibers and chemical dyes. With Ferratti at the helm of its design component, the brand’s featured line of products includes lace-embroidered denim, relaxed dresses and circa 1970’s blouses, taking inspiration from the look of 60s style icon Jane Birkin.

Working with organic cottons and animal-free fabrics and products, the brand has made a name for itself in the eco-fashion scene, boasting a conscientious side that stands by the norms of fair trade terms.

Driven in her passion for going organic with clothing cuts and styles, Watson’s partnership with Ferretti mirrors just how much she truly cares for the environment, and also says something about how talking about something is really different from actually doing something.

To some extent, Watson’s magic isn’t just about “casing spells” and curses, but rather takes shape in how she proactively made the decision of having a say in the eco-fashion scene by setting up her own eco-friendly fashion label.

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