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Nike Air Jordan has been with the NIKE termination for many years, but he had a signature shoe in NIKE, NIKE AIR GARNETT 3 precisely now is still talked about by fans for the shoes. Now look at the re-engraved version of its NIKE AIR 3 LE can still see just from the shape of the full selling phase. Blue gradient fabric uppers are AIR GARNETT 3 is a major feature, which match perfectly with Garnett’s temperament, although AIR 3 LE on avoidance Garnett elements everywhere, but simply the sign design remained the same. AIR GARNETT 3 Shoes fans reason to be regarded as a classic shape in addition to its superior design, the kind of configuration is also a lot of their extra points.

ZOOM AIR forefoot carbon plate after the palm TUNED AIR cushioning combination textbooks called. And by the AIR 3 LE on the hind paw into a common TUNED AIR MAX AIR, carbon plate directly into no shiny hard plastic, plus the satellite approached the central part of the palm “OBF” was canceled, although ZOOM AIR is preserved, but the whole AIR 3 LE still appears the large end of dull. James led the Cavaliers this season, two wins over the Lakers, the Competition in the regular season to gain advantage. While competition is fierce two field, the field of battle under the shoes are not bearing much better, Kobe Bryant moved out of the car that Chinese kung fu, the nunchuck as Kobe playing Five shoes; side of the little emperor sent three younger brother to help out the breath .

Both in front of this gray red color version, players also have Special Edition University of Akron and, finally, the University of Kentucky Special Edition follow-up players, NCAA college leagues through the emperor’s ambition is evident. So you selected your camp yet? Sustained attention to upper users will certainly find news, Jordan’s silver anniversary of the series has been a long time without a single product of the details of the plan released, presumably fans of the series the majority of shoes, such as urgency. Recently, a Jordan finally came nine generations before us, and enjoy looking at it properly.

Air Jordan Shoes to smooth the soles of the feet touch the ground to have a sense of hands before the end of the shoe is also designed to be partial thickness, which resulted in the focus of feet high, and a sense of ambiguous field. However, taking into PEAK BATTIER IV, after the excellent performance of the palm cushioning, slightly bloated in the end is understandable, after all, can not have both fins and eat. PEAK BATTIER IV outsole impressive. The division is said to come from the soles of yin and yang Tai Chi, Goju complementary field on behalf of Shane Battier on the court and under the different styles. Before I play the traditional misconception that there is no characteristic chevron field lines will not bring any surprises, thought proved wrong. Intensive unusual herringbone strong grip, the author does not appear in the process of real time slip phenomenon, which has not run off for a pair of new shoes is very rare. The PEAK BATTIER IV outsole durability is commendable. After two days of five hours after the confrontation within the field of combat, with outer soles basically do not see signs of wear. Of course, the final PEAK BATTIER IV outsole to last remains to be tested, but our test situation, we PEAK BATTIER IV’s have confidence in durability. Although PEAK BATTIER IV there one way or another not wholly satisfactory, but it is undeniable that both Olympic basketball shoes this allows us to see the sincerity of this domestic brands. In the evaluation we had expected before this will be a pair of good shoes, real test has proved our point of view. Here we have this double-PEAK BATTIER IV recommended to our readers, I believe the majority of shoes with the support of fans, Olympic also introduce more excellent products to back you. Overall rating: PEAK BATTIER IV is a pair of good shoes, in terms of exterior design, and then to wear shoes to experience science and technology, I have no way inferior to the other across the top basketball shoes. In particular its protective properties with outer soles, to the author left a deep impression. Although there is still a little in some detail the flaws, but have fundamental. PEAK BATTIER IV basketball shoe is definitely made one of the outstanding representatives.

Air Jordan Sneakers relationship between Nike and Kobe Bryant are still competitive in addition to cooperation, because Kobe Bryant has made to the Nike “challenge”, requiring more than one pair of Nike for creating a more lightweight NIKE ZOOM KOBE IV, to help lower the signature shoes, you know big kill in 2009, the Quartet ZOOM KOBE IV is quite perfect, but for Nike to embrace the challenge, and with a full lighter than ZK4 1 ounce Kobe ZOOM KOBE V responded to the “challenge.” Although low to help with basketball shoes, but success has been compared to ZOOM KOBE IV, ZOOM KOBE V there are many obvious differences, the most important thing is to further reduce weight and increase shoes shoes support and stability. Today, on the safety of low-cut shoe that is still the focus of some controversy, which Bryant did not agree and he presented his observations to the NIKE Football characteristics of the athlete, and that they are wearing low-cut shoe for basketball and Kobe Bryant court action no different, so Nike Sports Research Lab conducted hundreds of hours of testing, and strive to shoe without sacrificing the stability of the premise, to help create a pair of basketball shoes low. It was with this mandate Kobe Bryant, Nike sports shoes creative director Eric Villanueva was able to create a pair of more “crazy” ZOOM KOBE V. ZK5 not only the upper but also lower than ZK4, for which the technology is drastic reform. ZOOM KOBE IV as one of the two LUNARLITE innovative technology on the Five Dynasties was replaced by the traditional ZOOM AIR, since before and after the palm ZOOM AIR injection molding unit and PHYLON combination of light in the end build a more perfect ZK5 the slow shock system, while in resolving the impact did not increase the weight. This also shows that Bryant and his design team’s eyes, Kobe Bryant is not conducive to the performance of any technology will be removed, whether it is not currently the main NIKE. In addition, the high-temperature fusion technology made lighter and stronger upper wear, coupled with a more robust FLYWIRE lightweight technologies such as second skin-like wrapping your feet.

Nike ACG shoes signature shoes for a pair of brand new design also played a key role. At his behest, Ewa in the ZOOM KOBE V on the outer end of grip with the ECG-type lines, and its design inspiration from Kobe Bryant on the court’s enthusiasm, passion and the self-proclaimed “fanatic will.” Attentive fans may find the shoes outside the front end of a dot matrix signs Ministry, which represents a sequence of code language, this flag will always run through the season about Kobe Bryant. However, during the season Nike will provide clues to decipher the codes, who can decipher the first, it will be Kobe fans in the coming days, a hot topic. ZOOM KOBE V compared to four generations, in the upper height is more radical, but this is consistent with Kobe’s personality, he is wanted to challenge such a pair of basketball shoes in the performance limit, and can meet their signature style of basketball shoes. There is no doubt another successful NIKE did. There is only one question left for us: the ZOOM KOBE V again to a design limits the time, as its successor – ZOOM KOBE VI will go, and we all look forward to. Recalling the history of basketball shoes REEBOK, 96 years is absolutely important year can not be ignored. REEBOK shoes launched this year with most of the publicity is never forget the appearance, but by “Rain Man” Kemp endorsement, commonly known as the “volcano” of KAMIKAZE II is one of the representatives. January 1, 2010, KAMIKAZE II this “sleeping” for 14 years, the volcano erupted again in turn, with an unparalleled sense of KAMIKAZE 2K10 will re-create the powerful impact on us. In fact, as early as 2005 REEBOK KAMIKAZE family had intended to continue the “blood”, but the name of the KAMIKAZE World War II from the Japanese “kamikaze”, and that year coincided with the 60th anniversary of victory over fascism sensitive period, so planned PUMP KAMIKAZE only changed its name to ATR PUMP TORCH market, and deliberately played down the relationship with the prototype. From this level sense, the advent of today KAMIKAZE 2K10 can be “got his wish.”

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