Best Simulated Diamonds: Crystallized Love!  

Perhaps the “time’s best definition of coal is diamond” – yes diamond is rare, and stands as the timeless artistry of Mother Nature. In the midst of its grandeur and lavishness, cryptic elegance and crystallized passion, diamond has over and over again epitomized passion, love, togetherness, power and class. The aura of the stone thus is mysterious, inexplicable and overwhelming and still remains the same even after billions of years.

Diamond is more than a mere gem and amidst its extravagance and brilliance, it whispers the age old tale of how Mother Nature has nurtured the coal into a lustrous gem. In the midst of its shine, gleam and intensity diamond has time and time again stood apart as the wonder gem, alluring all, to hold it, to love it, to admire it and indeed to possess it. Still the diamond industry seems to have overlooked an important aspect and that is, those who appreciate diamonds deserves to hold it too. The diamonds are expensive and because of this intimidating fact the wonder gems stay as unreachable, unattainable, and ever elusive, good to see at, great to hold, but hard to posses.

So is there no way out to bedazzle the world with Diamond Jewelrywithout spending an arm and a leg? Will diamond remain elusive forever? The answer is a simple NO, as today technology has gifted a new stone, ‘simulated diamonds’ as they name it. As the name implies, these are basically the lab created gemstones, which stands as an answer to the prayer of million women. Yes, you got it right, the ‘man made’, ‘manufactured’, ‘ lab-grown’ or ‘cultured’ diamonds whatever you prefer to call it, has made the diamonds finally reachable.

Are you bored with the yellow and white flicker of your gold and silver jewelry and wish to append that lavish flicker to your wardrobe? Go with the lab created diamond jewelry and be rest assured that this would be crown of glory on your stunning jewelry collection. Those who admire splendor and wish to flaunt their luxury the artificial diamonds have made it possible to show off your style, power and class by employing the language of diamonds whilst staying on budget.

The Simulated Diamonds are basically artificially created and crafted with matchless expertise to bring out the exact aura and beauty of the mined stone to best reflect your class. Intricately shaped, these are also cut to perfection to trick even the most experienced jeweler’s eyes.

Scientists have used two significant methods to create the epitome of luxury, the simulated diamond crystals. While in one method two anvils, (one from up and one from down) supplies the required pressure and heat currents to a cylindrical volume to create the gem; on the other hand six anvils are typically used in providing adequate pressure to a cube shaped volume in order to produce a gem that simulates the diamonds. A specialized formula comprised of crystalline oxide, rare minerals and other elements is then used to enhance the durability and luster of the synthetic diamonds. The end result is sheer perfection as a stone is conceived which has the indistinguishable aura of the mined diamonds, yet available at a fraction of cost.

The necessity of a diamond alternative was long felt by the creative minds of Sitaragem, the excellent hub for fine jewelry. They thought over the idea that those who love fine jewelry deserves to wear it too and at their laboratory, created a stone, which is more than just an identical diamond alternative but is simply brilliant and of superior quality. Lab created diamonds, as they call it flaunts the same finesse, the same luster, the same lavishness of the fiery bauble, but the good news is, it’s available at a rate which finally you can afford. And now for that discrete silver lining all over you (which is sure to get you noticed) rely on the simulated diamond jewelry, the perfect piece to overwhelm your senses!

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