5 Celebrity Tips to Look Slimmer In No Time

Thin is in honey. But dieting or working your arse off in the gym may not be an option to get you that slim look, especially when you’re pressed for time. Well, don’t fret. All you need is some simple hair and makeup tips not just from anybody but from the best in the industry. Tried and tested formulas from celebrity beauty gurus.

Look Slimmer

Style It Sleek

For starters, here’s a sure-fire way to slim just about anybody’s face, and we mean anybody who dons a set of locks – no matter the shape of the face or the texture. It’s called the half-up, half-down.

To achieve the look here is what celebrity stylist Rodney Cutler has to say: “Pull your sides away from the face towards the back and pin it, which will allow your neck to show and create an elongation effect.” Cutler owns Cutler Salon and has been the personal stylist to many famous celebrities today, from Fergie to Jordin Sparks to Rachael Ray. To do the trick, a whizz of hairspray on the sides should give you a sleeker look. For added style, you can set on backcombing your crown to grow it  taller – making it sleeker even more.

Go for the Bronze

Think you’re no fan of tan, well, think again. Apparently, there are loads of beauty benefits that bronze-look will give you. Not only does it make you look slim instantly, a bronze skin tone covers your spider veins and cellulite, accentuating your muscle tone so much you get a fitter, tighter fit in no time. And if the horrors of having to go under the sun scare you, technology is here to help you: self-tanning natural-looking products gives you that needed tan without you having to go under the sun.

Sheri Jessee, an expert stylist who help prepare Miss Virginia to have a shot at Miss USA, shares her expertise on the matter knowing that most watched swimsuit competition in the big event is game-changing. To get the “real deal” look, she puts in the mix equal parts of Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Spray Tan with her fave body lotion. What it does is nothing short of amazing as she exclaims: “It can take of 10 pounds.”

Mix Highlights with Low lights

Nothing adds life to your face than hair highlights. Their effects are two-way: (1) they make you look younger and (2) they are a powerful way to shed those pounds off your beautiful face.

Beverly Hills Salon owner and celebrity colorist Michael Canale attests to a specific technique: “Adding darkness around the face will add the illusion of a narrower hairline on the forehead, which makes you appear thinner by elongating the face.” So apparently, it’s not just enough to utilize highlights but more importantly to contrast it with lowlights close enough to get that sleeker look.

It’s All About the Contour, Baby!

True, the art of contouring which consists of using dark powder to produce a more angular look in your face has gotten a lot of flak in the 80’s when those bronzers had but one shade: orange. But that was ages ago. Today, utilizing a taupe-toned face powder specifically those that are matte and deeper by two-shades from your very own skin tone can do wonders to imitate a true shadow.

Celebrity stylist MallyRoncaladds: “In makeup, darkness recedes, while lightness brings forward. When you darken certain areas, it pulls everything back to give your face a slimmer appearance.” Roncal has done magic for such famous celebrities as Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and Mariah Carey.

To get your thing going, use a powder brush, start by blending your contour powder straight right into the temple, sweeping around the perimeter of the forehead for a slimmer face. “To take away cheek puffiness, make a fish face and blend contour powder into the hollows of cheeks,” explains Roncal. Not even a double chin should put you down as blending contour powder starting from behind the ear down to the neck can do wonders.

Snip It Slim

If you doubt the power of short cuts, just take a look at that black-and-white immortal picture of Marilyn Monroe. Classic! Btu caution, going shorter might be counterproductive, a style that makes your face appear wider, most fondly called as boxy bob. Celebrity stylist Mark Garrison who runs a salon in posh city of New York clarifies: “If you’re getting a bob that hits at the chin or higher, make sure the bottom edges are tapered, so the sides look slim and you have more volume on top.”

Another option would be the shag, instantly slimming your style like no other by elongating your face and adding sex appeal with plenty of movement.

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