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A lot of people find a woman’s legs as the most attractive part of her body. What makes this part even more attractive is when she wears a pair of skin-tight stockings on. Stockings or hose are skin-tight, close-fitting elastic garments that cover the leg from the feet up to knee or even higher. They come in a number of colors, design, and even transparency. Over the recent century, stockings are mostly being worn by women, but historically, this garment was also worn by men. Today, stockings are associated with mid-length or shorter cut skirts.


The word, stock, actually has ancient origins. It use to refer to the lower part of the body which included the feet and legs, and by analogy, the word was then used to refer to the clothing used to cover the lower limbs. Before the late 1400’sm stockings were made using materials from women cloth. They were made from silk, wool, linen, and cotton. By this time, stockings were primarily used for warmth.


During the 1920’s, hemlines rose and women began to wear stockings to help cover their exposed legs. These stocking were made out of a material called rayon, which is also known as artificial silk. Better quality stockings were actually made from silk, but these were more expensive compared to the rayon ones. It wasn’t until the 40’s when stockings evolved and became to be produced using nylon, the same material we see on modern stockings.


By the 40’s, the introduction of nylon stockings to the consumer market caused a high demand for stockings, especially in the United States. There were no less than 4 million pairs sold in a single day. Nylon stockings were durable, cheap, and sheer compared to the silk and cotton ones, which made them more desirable. As the Second World War began, nylon producers placed their production on hold to produce rope, airplane cords, and parachutes. This caused a shortage in supply of stocking in the market, and even creating a black market for stockings.

When the war ended, major nylon manufacturers started going back to creating stockings again. Their production did not meet market demands and shortage continued. The lack of supplies caused a less known series of disturbances in the US, called the nylon riots, until stocks were able to finally meet market demands. The whole history of stockings sound a bit too intense, but that’s how these sheer leg covers came to be.

Pantyhoses , which are a type of stockings that covers the whole feet and leg, extending to the bottom half of the torso, started gaining popularity during the 50’s. Theater and film productions started sewing stockings on the briefs of their actors, actresses, and dancers. These stockings became very popular, playing big roles in movies such as Daddy Long Legs. Today, stockings are usually made with cotton, silk, and knitted wool, with nylon as the most common material used to produce them.

Today’s stocking is mainly used to help give the legs a smoother, flawless look, as well as give more coverage and warmth. They also give more support which can help tone the legs and give it a smoother shape. Often times, stockings only come up to the leg, which is why women usually wear garters or suspenders to help keep their stockings stay in place and not roll down. Stockings are also often times connected to lingerie. Many lingerie lines and retail brands, such as Victoria’s Secret, have hosiery items where women can buy stockings, pantyhoses, garters, and other similar products.

Stockings also come in a variety of different patterns. Traditionally, it only came in “skintone” or had a dark color to it. These Days, you can find fashionable stockings that have patterns on them, making them look interesting against the wearer’s legs. “Laced” stockings have also become a very popular trend, where in the stockings come with patterns similar to lace. Some stockings also come in wild colors that add a pop of color to any outfit. Another type of stocking, called fishnet stockings, have also gained popularity over the years. Unlike regular stockings, fishnet stockings are made to look similar to fishnets, hence the name. They don’t really give any coverage on the leg, but many women wear these to give a sexy detail to their outfit.

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