Summer Street Fashion – How To Rock The Style

Summer fashion is at its peak now. Comfortable clothes fit for the warmer weather are bringing out color, bold prints, a lot of skin, and easy-to-wear pieces that can simply be put on and out the door you go looking stylish. Street style looks, as most styles, change to fit the season. From the super trendy layering to crazy bright and colorful accessories, below are 6 tips on how you can rock the street’s hottest trends.
street robe
Keep your robe on all day

What could be more comfortable than your robe? Well wrap dresses are now a real big trend for summer and is perfect for those days where you just want to go out and have fun without worrying too much about your outfit. They’re super convenient and easy to wear. They come in a variety of prints and materials so you can really fit them into your own personally style. Wear the dress loosely fastened to show off a little leg. Pair this with some gladiator sandals or dress it up with a nice wedge or heel. Accessories with a floppy hat, a big pair of shades, and some nature inspired jewelry and you’re ready for a summer day in town.
Get sparkly
Get sparkly

Wear sequins during the day is uber trendy this summer. You might think that a sequined and beaded dress is more appropriate during night, but why not make your day more interesting with a sparkly dress. Besides, if you have a sequined dress, show it off by wearing it when it’ll really shine. It’ll be a surprising new look for a brunch or an afternoon in town. If you still can’t wrap your head around the idea of wearing sequins during the day, follow street style star Patricia Manfield. She’s a master in rocking sequins looks to make it more “day friendly”, such as wearing a low-key ribbed knit beneath a sequins dress with a plunging neckline that you probably saved for a Saturday night outing with your girls.
Do the new layering
Do the new layering

Ok so the weather might not sound like the perfect time to layer your clothes, but trust me, you can make it work. Choose clothes that are made with light, thin materials so you stay comfortable all day. And what could be more comfortable than a nice denim overall or a mini dress? Jazz this up by layering a simple light jacket or wearing a colorful or printed crop top underneath your overalls. Your denim mini would look great unfastened and atop a cargo onesie. A scarf can also help add a pop of color and another layer to your outfit. Just don’t go crazy on the colors and patterns thought.
Accessorise with neon
Accessorise with neon

Street style is very modern, urban, and chic,  yet relaxed and comfortable. Hence why a most of the colors and fabrics usually get a bit too boring. What better way to make your outfit stand out or give it a pop of color than by accessorizing with neon. From the shoes to hats and jewelry, a hint of neon is going to be an unexpected pop of color, giving the outfit a little more life. Take a few notes from Gilda Ambrosio,  Italian street style queen and line up all those all time wardrobe basics with an surprising, zesty hit of neon.

Bella Hadid

Amp up the hardware

Details like studs, spikes, stars, buckles, and other hardware can give your simple look and edgy finish. Not only that, they make a basic piece stand out. Hardware can also be a great DIY idea if you want to give new life to your old clothes. Check out fashion princess Bella Hadid for some fashion inspiration. She’s been dominating Paris Couture Week, both on and off the catwalks with her looks. The wears a lot of matchy pairings with lots of hardware details, like exposed silver fastenings with her trousers.
blue jeans
Add ice blue

Denim is a must-have all year round. It’s versatile, easy to style, and comfortable. Your blue jeans can really take on a good beating as well, so you can keep a good pair of jeans for a long time. If you’re planning to get a new pair, or want to look super trendy on the streets, pale ice blue jeans are the bottoms to go for. Denim experts Levis relaunched their cult classic Debbie Harry 505 jean which features the lead singer’s favourite shade of blue on jeans. If the Levis pair is not your thing, you can find a number of alternatives from other brands. Just remember to stick to that ice cold blue.

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