Fashion and Animal Cruelty – Why We Shouldn’t Support Brands That Use Animal Products

The fashion industry, although is suppose to promote creativity and the right to express one’s self, does have its dark side. One of the most common issues faced by a number of fashion brands, especially luxury designer brands, is their use of animal products (fur, skin, and feathers) on their clothes.

Although historically, people have been using animals to create garments and fabrics, market demands for certain fashion items have caused countless cases of animal cruelty. Just so the brands could continue their animal-based items, animal farming has left a bloody stain in the industry. Animals are mistreated and killed just to satisfy human vanity.

If you’re still not convinced, here are 7 reasons why you shouldn’t support brands that use animal products on their items.


The main reason on why you shouldn’t support brands that use animal products is cruelty. How these materials are harvested causes a lot of suffering on the animal. Some of them are even skinned alive for their hide and fur. This article is not going to dive deep into the animal product industry, but you should also know that it’s not just luxury designer brands that use animal products. Rabbits, dogs, and even cats are sometimes taken and harvested for their fur. So if the thought of having the skin of a dead dog on your outfit scares you, say no to the fur, skin, and feather industry.



If you want to give your support against cruelty to animals, you can make the biggest statement by refusing to buy any items that may contain animal products, especially where these brands have been known to harvest these in an inhuman way. Of course, you can never go wrong with publicizing your statements. Use mediums like social media and contact manufacturers and designers who use fur, leather, feathers, and other animal products to stop and reconsider using alternative materials rather than animal products.



Many of us have pets. We treat these animals with love, and care for them. But as we mentioned, some brands would use fur from animals we see as our companions and even treat as family member. How horrible is that? It’s shocking to think of turning Fido, Whiskers, or Hopper into a fur trim. Let the fur, skin, or feather stay where it belongs, whether it’s on a “pet” or a wild animal.


Is it even still justifiable to kill an animal just to harvest its parts for fashion? We don’t think so. Innocent animals shouldn’t just be put to death just for fashion. The slogan “Fur is worn by beautiful animals and ugly people.” holds true. Fur may be beautiful to look at, but it’s never ours to take. Although there is an argument for leather, since it’s mainly a by product in the meat industry (specifically from cows). That is a debatable point, but some brands harvest leather from exotic animals like snakes, crocodiles, and gators. Many of them are even being farmed just for their skin. Fur, on the other hand, means killing an animal just for vanity.
That cannot possibly be justified.



Although there are exceptions, such as wool, harvesting animal parts for fashion often times mean that the animal has to die. In the cases of fur and leather, the animal is skinned so that their skin and fur can be used to create fashion products. Wearing these items means that you are ignoring the fact that an animal had to suffer and die just for you to look “fashionable”. Why would anyone want that to happen just for beauty and fashion?


It’s the 21st century. Is it really necessary for us to harvest animal products to make clothes? Sure, back when the textile industry was not that advanced, and all we had to keep us warm was a fur coat, then it was necessary. But now, there are countless alternatives that can be used to replace materials like leather and fur. For most, it really isn’t necessary. Gone are the days where we had to use fur to keep ourselves warm, or leather to make sturdy clothes. Man made and synthetic versions of these items are now available, and they give the same look, feel, and even quality.


Social Stigma

You don’t want random people giving you the stink eye while you walk down the road do you? These days, more and more people are become aware of how the fashion industry uses materials taken from animals through cruel and inhumane ways. Many organizations, like PETA, share their advocacy aggressively in social media, print, and other channels to educate people about animal cruelty for the sake of fashion (sure, some of their members take their advocacy too far and would throw paint at someone wearing a fur coat, but they’re very serious about making a point). So save yourself the embarrassment and don’t buy or wear fashion items that are made with animal products.

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