Organic Clothing: How Celebrities are Helping The Earth and Livelihoods

Going Green, Going Vegetarian and now going organic. Organic clothing that is. Celebrities are helping save mother earth as much as they can. However what does organic clothing mean?

Organic clothing is clothing made from materials that are produced without chemicals like herbicides or pesticides. Also known as “sustainable fashion” this is fashion designed to be friendly to the environment. It has evolved from the idea of of minimizing the use of hazardous elements like crude oil and petroleum used in the production of synthetic fibers like polyester.

As such, “green fashion brands” have evolved in an effort to lessen the impact of these ingredients into the environment.

One of these fashion brands is Stewart and Brown. Started in 2002, Stewart and Brown is a couple-owned business with a passion to help protect future generations by saving mother earth. Their design aims to be chic and fashionable but earth-friendly at the same time. They are a pioneer in the movement towards sustainable fashion.

Many hollywood stars have been spotted wearing their organic clothing line. Gossip girl star Leighton meester was seen donning the Faye Silky Vest which is made of 100% merino wool. Meanwhile Alicia Silverstone was eyed wearing the Gathered Slip Dress fabricated form organic cotton.

Their products are knit wear, cashmere sweaters and accessories, hemp linen, heather jersey , pointelle, plaid, indigo woven, tencel gauze and hemp silk charmeuse among others. Stewart and Brown’s outfits are generally made out of four materials: Renewable Fibers, Mongolian Cashmere, wool and Factory leftovers.

The cashmere and the yak down used in the green brand provides a market for mongolians and Tibetan herders of the renewable fibers. Celebrities and fans alike who are customers of this apparel are not only helping to save mother earth, but are also helping save culture and livelihood as well.

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