The Brand That Is Awear

When talking about organic shirts, many think of rough and itchy burlap-like fabrics being the materials of uncomfortable shirts which don’t really offer much when comfort is put on the table.

If this organic shirt “attribute” is the biggest factor which has lead you away from them, Awear shirts will surely come as a big surprise for you.

Highlighting non-allergenic and naturally soft shirts which are made with 100% organic cotton, Awear is a stellar member of the organic t-shirt class of apparel brands, conscientious of the chemical and pesticide damage which comes in the production and maintenance of non-organic cotton.

Boasting impressive Imoto-inspired t-shirt designs by yoga master and visual artist Aesha Kennedy, the brand features its Awear line of ballet neck shirts, scoop neck shirts, v-neck style shirts, standard t-shirt jersey styles and more.

With shirts made with double needle stitches and overlock finishes, Awear’s products are made to be tough and durable, yet light enough to fit in with the comfortable factor which has made cotton one of the world’s most preferred materials for shirts and clothing pieces.

Made in India under fair trade terms and in regularly inspected as safe and hygienic facilities, Awear’s key design team is based in Australia, a brand which works hand-in-hand with the ideals and advocacies which sired the increasing demand for organic cotton.

The production of non-organic cotton is known to involve a high volume of chemicals and pesticides, given that non-organic cotton is one of the most heavily sprayed crops in the world.

With organic shirts by Awear, you can be active participants in helping maintain and sustain our world’s ecologic balance, lessening the demand for non-organic cotton, thereby lessening the introduction of chemicals and pesticides into our atmosphere.

So if you’re worried about the comfort factor of organic shirts, check out Awear’s offerings and see how silly your worries are.

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