Organic Footwear Items Are Not Myths

When talking about organic fashion, items such as organic shirts, organic pants, organic and reusable shopping bags, or organic dresses easily come to mind.

Organic footwear items, though well within the organic fashion and accessories category, doesn’t pop in at the top front of minds, mostly because many are under the impression that they don’t exist at all.

But believe it or not, there are actually items known as organic footwear, which are made from organic and/or recycled materials.

Attuned to the core values, principles and best practices which have sired the organic fashion and accessories industry, organic footwear items exist as alternatives for leather-based and/or synthetic-based footwear.

As leather alternatives, organic footwear items are geared to reduce the cost of wildlife, particularly with exotic skins often sought after by exotic footwear collectors. From cattle skins to sheep, to exotic skins like zebras, sharks and crocodiles, organic footwear adds to the lessening number of illegal poaching practices.

Also, as leather alternatives, organic footwear items lessen the chemical volume involved in the tanning process of leather. Given that a number of chemicals are involved in the preserving and dyeing of leather items, organic footwear items negate the need for more chemicals to be introduced into the atmosphere by lessening the use of leather in the making of footwear items.

The most common materials used in the making of organic footwear include organic cotton, which is used to make linen or canvas-based fabrics. Organic hemp is also known to be used in the making of organic footwear items, but given regulations over the planting of hemp, they’re not as commonly used as organic cotton.

Developments in the environment-safe conventions and methods in making organic footwear items are still ongoing, and testimonies regarding their durability as footwear items are mixed.

Would you get a pair now that you know they exist?

Have you already tried out a pair? If you have, kindly share your comments about them.

It’d surely help put out the fact that organic footwear items are not myths.

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