Anvil’s Organic T-Shirts

It’s good to be green, and Anvil, the respected and trusted New York-based makers of quality apparel, is well aware of this fact.

Attuned to the changes and shifts in the signs of the times, Anvil’s line of organic t-shirts and knitwear stands to offer affordable organic tees to one and all, items which can be bought in bulk, as opposed to getting them individually through consumer retail outlets or stores.

With a history spanning more than 30 years, the brand began offering the BVD line of men’s underwear 130 years ago, and has since become a leader in the production of cotton-based wear and apparel items. Expanding horizons by offering fashionable 100% organic wear, Anvil’s AnvilOrganic brand highlights affordable quality organic tees, made in different varieties, colors and sizes.

Price point is maintained to be competitive, as all of Anvil Organic’s products are made from materials free from the use of pesticides and toxic chemicals and genetically modified cotton seeds. Dyes and other tinting materials are also all 100% organic with Anvil Organic, and to complement its environment-friendly orientations, all of AnvilOrganic’s packaging utilize recycled materials in their making.

Ensuring that all of its operations are within the bounds of environmental sustainability, AnvilOrganic makes its products in environmentally sound facilities, and even utilizes steam power, powered through the use of scrap materials, in production and manufacturing. Water waste is also cleaned and regularly checked, and all government regulations, certifications and checkups are thoroughly inspected and renewed.

As an established name for bulk cotton-based shirts, Anvil’s Anvil Organic line doubles its advantages for consumers, with quality 100% cotton made shirts and knits.

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