Why Organic Jeans are Hard to Find Today

Two or three years ago, finding a pair of organic jeans was easy. Today, organic jeans have somewhat become a rarity.

Made from organically grown cotton, the once active popularity of organic jeans is linked with the denim fabric’s predominance in the clothing and fashion industry markets, with brands like Banana Republic, Genetic Denim, 7 For All Mankind, Aristocrat, Earnest Sewn, Del Forte, J Brand, Loomstate and Levi’s sporting a line of organic jeans at one point in time.

Today, most (if not all) of the abovementioned brands have halted the development of specified/specialized organic denim lines, with one primary reason for doing so: To opt for a more thorough, all-encompassing eco-friendly solution in the making of jeans, with materials which can be utilized in ALL product lines.

As newer, more eco-friendly alternatives in growing cotton and making/using of dyes are becoming standards in different parts of the world, brands are now extending their attentions to include eco-friendly sensibilities in the entire manufacturing process involved in the making of jeans.

Brands like Levi’s, Adidas and Nike have joined the Better Cotton Initiative, a non-profit organization advocating sustainable-agriculture techniques, labor issues, economic issues and the proper safe use of water in manufacturing facilities.

The whole setup is a work in progress, with brands slowly assimilating eco-friendly production standards in their operations.

With concern for the environment as the key motivation for this movement, it resolves an often asked question, inquiring: Why waste time with a specialized lineup of organic jeans when all product lineups can be made under eco-friendly conditions?

The move actually makes more sense when one really thinks about it, doesn’t it?

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