Fierce Hugs – Organic Clothing for Babies

With conventional cotton being one of the world’s most environmentally unsound crops, its no wonder why many consumers and brands are going eco-friendly with their product standards, ideals and expectations.

The area of baby clothing isn’t exempted from this fact, with a number of brands and clothing lines highlighting organic clothing options for babies.

Fierce Hugs, is one of the most well respected and well known brands.

The Fierce Hugs Advantage

A member of the Organic Trade Association, Fierce Hugs is founded by a passion to create quality infant wear which hold more upsides over the downsides which often come in conventional non-organic made babies clothing items.

Advocating sustainable farming practices, implementing the use of low-impact dyes and adamant as honest and fair patrons of the arts, all of Fierce Hugs’ products use 100% organic cotton, ensuring that no traces of harmful chemicals/pesticides is used in the creation of its infant wear items and infant wear collections.

Many tend to forget that the babies have more sensitive skin compared to adults, but not Fierce Hugs. With its organic product offerings, rashes, allergic reactions and skin conditions related to chemically-produced fabrics are risks and dangers which parents don’t have to be worried about.

Showcasing a wide range of organic fabric types with different infant wear designs and color options, Fierce Hugs collaborates with various independent and professional artists in creating impressive designs and graphics designed for its products. Fierce Hugs also highlights eco-friendly packaging features, and also offers for-baby-shower gift items packages, the perfect gift to give to expecting mothers.

If you thought that only adults are entitled to organic clothing items, think again.

Fierce Hugs has a lot to say over the matter, with all of its impressive organic infant wear offerings.

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