The Acacia Organic Cotton Activewear Collection

The world’s interest in keeping fit and trim is no secret, with more and more runners and hikers hitting the roads and trails whenever possible, and with more and more available options for gear and wear also on the rise.

As the boom of activewear and athletic gear is ongoing, an increase in the interest of organic cotton activewear runs in congruence with this boom, with Acacia – a nature-oriented provider of quality apparel and accessory items – being one of the more famed producers.

Here’s a quick look at Acacia’s Organic Cotton Activewear line.

The Acacia Organic Cotton Activewear Collection

Primarily showcasing products for women, Acacia’s Organic Cotton Activewear collection boasts “yoga wear” fittings, which describe them as body-hugging and snug but not binding. They can be used for a variety of exercises and activities, from jogging sessions, aerobic classes, bike trail runs, camping and hiking trips and yoga classes.

With a full range of available colors and tones, Acacia’s Organic Cotton Activewear line includes tank tops, full-length sports pants, and “capri pants-cut” sports pants. Featuring square neckline cuts, Mandarin collars, and pull-on style collars, Acacia’s Organic Cotton Activewear collection’s wears also sport empire waist cuts, princess seams, elastic waist features, and slight V-drop waistband cuts.

Machine washable (gentle setting), Acacia’s Organic Cotton Activewear line implements organic cotton and spandex fabrics (90/10), with some of its tops coming with built-in quick drying wrap-around bras.

Available in sizes for different body types, the Organic Cotton Activewear line by Acacia is built on Acacia’s commitment in offering the best of nature-oriented products for women, with female sensibilities and eco-friendly advocacies all rolled into its development, production and release.

If you’ve been having problems finding the right organic activewear items, give Acacia’s Organic Cotton Activewear Collection a look-over.

Chances are, it will exactly be what you’ve been looking for.

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