Clothing Items with Air Purification Features

In the ongoing endeavors searching for eco-friendlier ways and means in the production of goods, different strategies, production standards and systems have been rigged, keeping environmental sustainability a top priority.

The apparel, clothing, and accessories industries have been immensely successful with its organic approaches, with one new approach on the rise and gaining a lot of positive feedback – clothing items with air purification features.

The combined initiatives of University of Sheffield Professor Anthony Ryan and fashion designer Helen Storey has led to solution for better air quality through fashion – resulting to air-purifying laundry items.

Utilizing nanosized particles of titanium dioxide, clothing items with built-in air purifying features highlights an edge over regular clothing items.

The Catalytic Clothing Edge

Driven by its lead scientist-designer team, Catalytic Clothing explores the potentials for better air through the use of scientific advances with textiles.

A convergence of different people from different disciplines, Catalytic Clothing unties all those who are aware of the damage mankind has done to the Earth’s air, with its line of well-accepted and practical clothing items and their features.

Jeans stand as Catalytic Clothing’s most popular “air-purifier”/clothing item of choice, as constant innovations and developments are researched and developed in the production of its air-friendly wears. Catalytic Clothing considers the potentials locked-in in different surfaces, and operates on maximizing the availability of different surfaces for beneficial air solutions to be.

Opting for organic clothing made from organic items has considerably lessened the carbon footprint and emissions involved in the production of clothing and apparel items. A number of brands have also gone beyond opting for organic solutions, going as far as calling on better water-recycling systems in factories and production facilities.

Catalytic Clothing, with its products’ built-in air purifying features, goes beyond the production stage eco-friendly aspects in environment-friendly clothing.

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