Honest by – Avant-garde Organic Fashion

As ecological concern has migrated from food to fashion, Honest by – headed by Belgian designer Bruno Pieters – stands as “the world’s first 100 percent transparent company”, a avant-garde brand highlighting organic-made wears made under ecologically safe and sustainable standards.

Marking its debut on January this year, the brand is set on bringing luxury fashion into organic clothing and apparel items, keeping in mind that eco-friendly doesn’t have to be absent from artistic inclinations put into their making.

Mass market retailers or single-purchase consumers can avail of the brand’s featured criteria-based organization of its available wares, defining items as made from recycled products or vegan products.

To match its well organized inventory, the brand also provides detailed information related to the carbon footprint and atmospheric toxin emissions, with organic certification details, overall carbon footprint figures, and even transport costs.

20% of the price of each Honest by item is set to go to charity, a figure that is closely monitored as well as the brand’s standards of quality and overall safety. With a wide range of knits and fabrics, the brand highlights different items for everyday use, office use, and items for light outdoor activities.

Clothing has gone far from being a mode of expression. Beyond simply being fashion statements, the new generation’s views towards biodiversity and safe, eco-friendly practices are undeniably causing a shift in the way many products are produced.

In a time when a unified view towards the well-being of the ecosystem comes as a priority, Honest by rises to the challenge of leading consumers and fellow-brands towards the fair and healthy practices which essentially prevail in the production of quality organic wear and accessories.

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