How to spot a Certified Organic Product from the Rest

With the popularity of organic products – from food to clothing items – the proliferation of fake or ripped-off organic options have grown in number, a testament to the increase of demand for eco-friendly and environmentally sustainable products.

In ensuring that the item you’re getting is 100% organic, it pays to verify if the item you’re eyeing is Certified as Organic, giving you the true value of what you are getting.

Here are some points worth looking into, to spot a Certified Organic Product from others.

The “USDA Organic” Seal

Examine products and verify it they come with the “USDA Orgnic” seal. Anyone can print out “organic” or “100% organic” on product labels, and most “fakes” do this easily. The “USDA Organic” seal ensures that the product you’re eyeing has passed organic certification standards and is not just “organic” because it has the word on its label.

The USDA Organic seal is often used for organic food items.

If you find the seal on clothing or textile items, it pays to be cautious, given that it is the International Working Group on Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS IWG) that holds the certification standards for organic fabrics.

GOTS-certified Clothing/Fabrics

As a comprehensive certification program, GOTS differs from other eco-labels for fabrics and clothing, in the sense that it addresses a wide range of areas involved in the production of fabrics and clothing items.

For one, raw materials have to be certified as organic (under the National Organic Program’s standards), with at least 70 of final products being made with organic fibers, allowing up to 10 % polyester/rayon for the construction of certain products (like those which require elasticity features).

With GOTS-certified products, you can be sure that the item you’re eyeing is within the bounds of organic product standards, and that you’re well in getting the best value of what you are purchasing.

By verifying if an item is certified organic, you can be certain that what you’re buying isn’t a fake product. You can also counter check a product/brand’s certification information online as a layer of verification, should you feel it necessary for further checks and counter-checks.

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